Day 3 of our Namibia trip – On our way to Windhoek

Photo of the horse farm

We got up early and had an awesome breakfast. It was time to leave Zelda Game and Guest Farm. We packed the suitcase in the Jeep and headed for Windhoek.

It was a tarred road all the way there and I could not wait to see some of our family again, whom I have not seen for 9 years. After booking in we went looking for a supermarket as we needed to buy a sim card to contact my dad’s cousin who we would be visiting for the day.

After the phone call we headed to my uncle’s house, helped pack the cars and headed to the horse farm just outside of Windhoek. What a serene place it was! The twins started the fire, we had a few drinks and then the steaks went onto the braai. For some reason, meat in Namibia and Botswana just tastes a hundred times better than here in South Africa. It was great to see family that we have not seen for years and had an awesome time.

Later that night we left the horse farm and drove back to the flat for well deserved sleep. Going to bed excited as the next day the adventure really began, or did it?

Photo of the horse farm Photo of the horse farm Photo of the horse farm Photo of the horse farm

We drove just 306 km to Windhoek and around 30 km extra in and around town

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