Day one of our Namibia trip

The Bull & Bush restaurant

We left home today for Gaborone in Botswana.

The first tip before taking a long trip is to make sure your packing list is up to date and checking it before you leave. We checked the list and noticed we never packed our beloved pillows. After packing the pillows we went to the local super market for some padkos and I remembered we never packed the water Jerry Can. Returning to home and filling and then fitting the Jerry Can wasted a bit of time but we soon got on our way.

Taking the R21 towards Pretoria and then onto the N4 towards Rustenburg was not too exciting and traffic was at least light. We stopped at Swartruggens  for a break and then headed to Zeerust.

The road from Zeerust to the Kopfontein Border post was beautiful though. We arrived at border control on the South African side and did not have any issues getting our passports stamped or submitting the declaration list. We then had to walk out of the border post area to get Rands changed to Pula which was quick and painless.

A Jeep at the Kopfontein Border Post

We proceeded to the Botswana side and were asked to open the back to inspect what we are carrying. Without any fuss we were sent on our way.

This is the first time that I have visited Gaborone but Dev comes here regularly for work. It was great having a guide in the co-driver seat!

What a beautiful town! The streets are well maintained and the town is clean. Everyone is friendly and mostly stick to the speed limit.

We arrived at the Aquarian Tide Hotel and was greeted with smiles all around and we were checked in within minutes. The room is tiny but very nice. Service thus far has been outstanding.

A picture of the Aquarian Tide Hotel

We took a break in the room and then went on our way to the Bull & Bush restaurant that Dev always talks about. I’ve always said the best steak is in Botswana and this time it did not disappoint. If you ever get to go to Gaborone then I can strongly recommend the Bull & Bush as the food was amazing. Botswana steaks just are the best that I’ve ever had.

The Bull & Bush restaurant

We traveled roughly 470 km in total today and have the longest stretch of our trip ahead of us tomorrow. Time to climb in bed and dream of the adventures that lie ahead.

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