More trouble for Scott Sterling

Jeep Wrangler

More bad luck struck almost exactly a year after we had to replace the water bottle on the Jeep. First the dreaded death wobble started occurring but more detail on this in another post.

I was on my way to band practice and felt the Jeep struggled to get away as I pulled away from the robot. At first I though the pipe on the Turbo came off as my dad warned me that it happened to him a long time ago. I proceeded to pull into a shopping centre and opened the bonnet to find that this was not the case. I then climbed back in and started driving to the band room and all power was back without any issue.

On my way back home I noticed that the Jeep is not changing gears properly and found it only changed to 2nd gear and sometimes into 3rd gear. Limping home I started researching the problem and found the most common issue for the automatic gearboxes on the Jeep Wrangler’s were the sensor controlling the gearbox and oil flow could be faulty.

I had the Jeep loaded on a flat bed truck and sent it to a Jeep dealership who proceeded to run a diagnostic. Unfortunately they could not tell me what the exact issue was, only that there seems to be a problem with the gearbox oil flow. They then advised that the do not work on the Jeep gearboxes and that I need to take it to a gearbox specialist!

Clearly upset about this they told me to take it to the gearbox specialist to save some money as that is what they would be doing and that they will be charging me a mark up for this.

Scott Sterling, our nickname for the Jeep, was then loaded back onto the flat bed truck and sent to the gearbox specialist. A week later I was told that they are not 100% sure what the issue is and that they would need to open the gearbox to check. Worst case scenario a rebuild on the gearbox.

Another week later, after calling them daily for an update as they were too useless to contact me, I was told that the clutches burnt and we needed to replace the clutches, sensor and the clutch in the transfer case. Oh, and here’s the extremely expensive quote.

Keep in mind the Jeep had only done 100 000 kilometres. After 2 months of waiting and calling for updates I finally got Scott Sterling back and he’s driving like a brand new car again. Well with the exception of the death wobble that started occurring more frequently.

The Jeep has cost me quite a bit of money, but would I change it for any other car? No, not a chance as this is one hell of an awesome vehicle. As a side note, what I paid for the car and spent on the water bottle and gearbox is still roughly R80 000 less than what I would have paid for it 2nd hand at a dealership.

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