Trip to Berakah

Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki Jimny at Berakah

My dad bought a new Suzuki Jimny and we decided to go to Berakah (a well known 4×4 venue) near Parys in the Free State to test out the Jeep and Jimny.

All went very well till after the halfway stop where we decided to braai, eat some boerewors rolls and have a beer. The track got really bad after the midway mark and we had to carefully choose our lines to ensure we do not damage the vehicles.

The Jimny was very impressive and capable with only a few parts on the route that needed proper foot control on the gas pedal. The Jeep as expected just cruised over everything without any hassle. I learnt that an automatic gearbox makes a huge difference as on some parts of the route the Jimny needed some love and care with fancy footwork on the pedals.

The mine shaft section was adventurous as always and the Jimny had both it’s rear wheels in the air at one stage when going down the mine shaft. Going up on the exit was a bit more difficult as there was a lot of loose gravel and rocks. The uphill was challenging for the Jimny but not as much effort as we first thought might have been needed.

The Jeep cruised it’s way up the mine shaft with no problems. All in all it was a fun day and both the Jeep and the Jimny impressed me.

Below is some pictures of the trip and a video I put together. Check out Berakah’s website here if you’d like to go and drive the route.

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