The first trip was an eventful one – day 1

I recently bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara CRD from my dad and I was very excited to go on the first trip with “Scott Sterling”. (more about Scott Sterling later)

We were supposed to leave very early on Saturday morning the 23rd but my wife fell ill. She felt better in the evening so we left at 5AM on Sunday morning.

All went well, driving and thinking to myself how much I love the Jeep and what a pleasure it is to drive. When at Camper Down in Kwa-Zulu Natal someone behind us flagged us making gestures of water gushing from the car. I immediately check the temperature gauge and noticed it’s running hotter that usual but not in the red.

We pulled over and as I stop I notice steam coming out of the left side of the bonnet. The good Samaritan that flagged us explained that he saw a waterfall come down from the front of our Jeep.

I hastily open the bonnet and noticed the cap of the reservoir that feeds cooling liquid to the radiator is missing. My heart sank and I thought we are stranded. Luckily the good Samaritan saw the cap lying on the engine. He bid his farewell and I thanked him for the heads up as this could have been a very expensive exercise.

I filled the bottle with the little water we had and nursed the car to the nearest shop where I purchased 15L of water. We then filled the bottle and drove to just before Pinetown where I stopped to have a look at the water level as the temperature was still looking good on the gauge.

I noticed that the water is steaming out the bottle at the seal that fits in to the plastic bottle and decided to spend the night in Pinetown and see a Jeep dealership the next morning.

My wife with her internet searching skills found a bed and breakfast and booked us a room for the night. We managed to drive to the bed and breakfast without any more “excitement” and parked our Jeep now aptly named “Scott Sterling” to rest for the night.

If you wondered why we named the Jeep Scott Sterling then have a good laugh while watching the below video. The Jeep stood strong and felt that it deserved that name.

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