Photo of the horse farm
We got up early and had an awesome breakfast. It was time to leave Zelda Game and Guest Farm. We packed the suitcase in the Jeep and headed for Windhoek. It was a tarred road all the way there and I could not wait to see some of our family […]

Day 3 of our Namibia trip – On our way ...

We woke up to rain in Gaborone, had breakfast in the hotel and then proceeded to the nearest fuel station to fill up. I started a friendly conversation with 2 petrol attendants while filling up the Jeep and asked how to get to the A2. They were very friendly and […]

Day 2 of our Namibia trip – Leaving Botswana and ...

The Bull & Bush restaurant
We left home today for Gaborone in Botswana. The first tip before taking a long trip is to make sure your packing list is up to date and checking it before you leave. We checked the list and noticed we never packed our beloved pillows. After packing the pillows we […]

Day one of our Namibia trip

We are going to Namibia soon and will be going through Botswana. Places we are planning to visit below: Gabarone (stopping over through Botswana as the rest of the trip is through Namibia) Zelda’s Guest Farm Windhoek Swakopmund Walvisbaai Dune 7 Sesriem Sossusvlei Dune42 Solitaire Deadvlei Desert Horses Kolmanskop Luderitz […]

Planning our trip to Namibia 2018

Jeep Wrangler
More bad luck struck almost exactly a year after we had to replace the water bottle on the Jeep. First the dreaded death wobble started occurring but more detail on this in another post. I was on my way to band practice and felt the Jeep struggled to get away […]

More trouble for Scott Sterling

Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki Jimny at Berakah
My dad bought a new Suzuki Jimny and we decided to go to Berakah (a well known 4×4 venue) near Parys in the Free State to test out the Jeep and Jimny. All went very well till after the halfway stop where we decided to braai, eat some boerewors rolls […]

Trip to Berakah

I recently bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara CRD from my dad and I was very excited to go on the first trip with “Scott Sterling”. (more about Scott Sterling later) We were supposed to leave very early on Saturday morning the 23rd but my wife fell ill. She felt […]

The first trip was an eventful one – day 1